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The second time was a couple of hours earlier. I just sat there, it's hard to take in this atmosphere, the people, all of these things, says the former employee. And I started to feel really bad. It got really weird. There were also an explosion of anger and the media's reaction to each of these incidents. On Saturday night, the day after the shooting in Tulsa, in which one person was shot in the chest, a white police officer shot and killed a black teenager after he refused to follow orders to run away from a convenience store. Three weeks later, a white student in Columbia, Ind. , was shot in a bus at University of Colorado, Denver, after he refused to leave a party party where he was carrying a concealed weapon. Three days later, a white student in Michigan was shot in his home, in the Bloomington neighborhood of Chicago, after he refused to leave the party. And last week, a white boy in Los Angeles was shot in the leg in an alley of a school, after he refused to leave the school on a school bus. And last week, two incidents of violent behaviour at Yale University happened at the same time. On Friday night, a student called students to say he heard someone shooting at him and was asked to leave the place.